Chua Ka Bodywork

Oscar Ichazo


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In this training, Chua Ka—deep bodywork done on oneself—enables the body to evolve to its highest degree of sensitivity and awareness. The impact of life experience creates networks of muscular tension (pain) that are remembered emotions. Working the tissues with precise hand and finger positions and a stick called a Ka, we learn to transmit vital energy and the heat of the Kath to the bone, removing the tension. When we release physical tension, we release psychic tension as well, since the body and mind are an integral system.

Chua Ka originated with Oscar Ichazo, and was introduced to the Arica School in 1970.

Length of training: One-day group training
Prerequisites: None
Requirement: Arica Institute Membership
Fees: To Be Announced
Date, Time and Location: To be announced


The Arica Chua Ka Bodywork training is a training in self-massage only, and does not confer professional certification either to give or teach the massage to others.

Please be advised that certain medical conditions or artificial devices in the body may contraindicate deep bodywork. Please check with a medical professional if you receive medical treatment for a physical, emotional, or mental/cognitive condition.

Any health concerns that may impact your participation will be discussed before your enrollment to be sure you will have the best results from the training.

Confidentiality: An agreement to protect training materials, including Confidentiality and Waiver of Liability agreements will be available for your signature when you arrive at the training.



Application Process: Newcomers to the Arica Work need to complete the training application process as soon as possible.

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